Our Team

Brain, Heart & Guts

Our Team

At Bloom Partners, we work with talents from management consulting, digital media, the telecommunication industry and young startup companies. All of our people have either founded their own companies, worked in innovation functions at larger organizations or have a strong track record in management consulting.

Dr. Markus Pfeiffer
Dr. Markus Pfeiffer Founder & Managing Director
Maximilian Hinz
Maximilian Hinz Engagement Manager
Niclas Friese-Greene
Niclas Friese-Greene Associate Partner
Kerstin Bauer
Kerstin Bauer Executive Assistant
Dr. Thomas Mack
Dr. Thomas Mack Engagement Manager
Michael Zirngibl
Michael Zirngibl Senior Project Manager Technology
Paula Lena Lensch
Paula Lena Lensch Consultant
Julia Eberhard
Julia Eberhard Consultant
Peter Harengel
Peter Harengel Consultant
Henning Heckman
Henning Heckman Business Analyst
Diane Berdoati
Diane Berdoati Business Analyst

Our Senior Experts

From our large network we engage a number of very experienced senior experts on many of our consulting projects. Their knowledge and skills are fundamental to providing the excellence in any area of expertise, from performance marketing, to mobile, IoT and CRM.

Our Advisory Board

Our huge academic network is another major pillar for the quality of our work. We are linked to some of the most influential thinkers in digital communication, marketing and data analytics.

Prof. Dr. Franziska Völckner
Prof. Dr. Franziska Völckner University of Cologne
Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber
Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber UDK Berlin
Tom Jacobi
Tom Jacobi Photographer, Art Director