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Launching new products outside an existing organization is much easier than turning around the core of an existing business, which is often times the goal in digital transformation.

We help build the right structure for your specific situation, whether it is a centralized digital unit or an acceleration program. Our training and mentoring programs enable change for digital across all staff levels and help establish an agile company culture.

Our Services

CDO, Digital Units and More

Each and every organization needs to find their unique response to the digital revolution. Our experience with large brands in Germany and across the globe helps develop optimized organizational structures and also balance the political challenges implied. We support our clients with every detail from defining roles and responsibilities to supporting their recruiting process for a CDO. We answer the following questions:

  • What are the digital functions that should be centralized, from managing our digital assets to building new businesses or partnering with startups?
  • Is there a need for a CDO position, or do we need to redefine the CMO and CTO roles? How do we coordinate responsibilities between these functions?
  • How do we ensure digital transformation on the business and product level once we centralize digital functions?
  • What is the right balance between make, buy and partner decisions and the future role of M&A in the digital context?

Activating the Organization

Change for digital needs to happen on all levels of a company. We have the experience to drive successful programs across competence levels and hierarchies, use the power of your existing staff and initiate change from within. And we help uncover the great ideas and projects hidden in your organization. We answer the following questions:

  • What are the right enterprise communication tools and live events to drive exchange of ideas and openness for new technologies?
  • One-off initiatives for digital like Digital Innovation Contests are important, but how do we ensure an ongoing flow of ideas and projects?
  • What are the right toolkits or methodologies that help us multiply digital know-how and experiences across businesses, countries and brands?

Training and Mentoring

Improving skills and competence levels across the organization is a fundamental pillar in digital transformation programs. We build on our experience from over 150 executive trainings and teaching experience from top business schools to provide tailored support: Digital Bootcamps, Digital Academy, Mentoring, Hackathons and Insight Tours with startups. We answer the following questions:

  • How can we create the burning platform for digital across the leadership team?
  • First-hand insights from startups and their work methods are better than teaching programs, but how do we get access to the right partners in the digital ecosystem?
  • How do we balance recruiting for digital natives with training existing staff?
  • How can we identify and support digital natives in our organization that have the potential to drive change from within and inspire our leadership team?

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