Who We Are

Bloom Partners is a growth firm.

As consultants and entrepreneurs, we drive transformation by implementing winning business models and tech solutions. We spark digitally enabled and long-term growth through planet-first business model innovation. We empower our clients to flourish as a workplace and excel as a source of remarkable ideas, products, and services. To us, transformation is first and foremost about improving the daily lives of consumers and supporting companies that share this belief.

What We Do

We unlock growth​ with those who dare to innovate​ for a better life and healthy planet

We are proud to enable profitable growth for some of the most trusted brands in the world. We design transformational strategies and organisations that provide speed, clarity and efficiency. We pioneer and test ideas that excite consumers and go beyond boundaries. We develop, grow and run digital businesses and platforms that make a difference in the market and for our planet.

Our Team

A group of builders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs.

We are digital enthusiasts, combining profound experiences in business strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship, sustainability, technological innovation, and design. Respect and affection for consumers and our client’s brands are the foundations of our work. Our team is embedded in a trusted network of start-ups, technology experts, venture capitalists and think tanks.

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Our Investments

Start-Up investments and our network of partners.

We walk the talk of digital transformation and love to show skin in the game. We provide seed and early stage financing to promising start-ups and start-up matching for corporate clients. Our work with startup teams, incubators, accelerators and venture capitalists enables us to always stay ahead.

Our Insights

Driven by pure curiosity.

We aim to define the agenda of sustainable, profitable growth enabled through technology advancements. Next to our consulting and investment activities, our team is continuously exploring technology innovations, its opportunities and its impact. You can deep-dive into our studies, thoughts and news from the Bloom Partners team members on our Medium page.